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Five: Reflecting for Tomorrow’s Learning

In recent weeks, I have made several opportunities to speak to learning managers, instructional designers, and adult learning specialists about what it takes to ensure successful learning. I also have taken the opportunity to reflect on what Dr. Rorabaugh has been engaging us as learning professionals. This post looks at the culmination of experiences, scholarly…

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Four: Connecting the Experience Connected Course

I think Bady (2012) makes several generalizations that does not provide the evidence the author previously mentioned. “The key difference between academics and venture capitalists, in fact, is not closed versus open but evidence versus speculation” (para. 13). Bady (2012) continues to cite that, “MOOCs are only better than nothing and speculation that this will…

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Three: The distraction and gaming

As a student, I find it hard to survive in the online world described by Rheingold and the other authors presented. As a young kid, the doctors diagnosed me with attention deficit disorder. For years, I took amphetamines to counter-act my “day-dreaming.” I struggled—still do—with paying attention. Given a machine that grants my wondering mind…

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